Download anything directly to Gdrive Quick Guide

step 1:- open colab
Step 2:- Mount Gdrive using this code

from google.colab import drive

Step 3:Once mounted
Copy this code in another cell

import requests

file_url = "Replace here with file download url "

r = requests.get(file_url, stream = True)

with open(“Replace this with path where u want to store it And also add file name with its extension”, “wb”) as file:

for block in r.iter_content(chunk_size = 1024):

if block: 


Step 5:w8 for cell to complete process Done!

Method 2-
Step 1:- MOunt Gdrive
Step 2:-Copy This code in another cell

!wget “” -P “/content/drive/”

Step 3:- w8 for it to get completed

1.In method 2 i have used Font collection as example u can replace it with Any url you want to download from
2.Method 2 will be slower than Method 1
3.You Can also Use this method to download direclty to your team drive
4.You cannot use Zippyshare url to download to team drive using these methods
I don’t know how to download from zippyshare to your teamdrive directly if anyone of u guys know about do let me know!!


Any method for Mega(More than 5gb) download?

Do u want to transfer from mega to teamdrive or gdrive?


Do u want to overcome transfer quota of mega to download files to your phone or computer?

u can take a look at my guide but it requires u to hv mega premium account


Can you please explain in detail , how to transfer files from Shared drive to my team drive, I am only able to add shorcut to my team drive,

I want to copy the files from a shared drive ( i am a viewer only ) to my team drive ( i am the content manager )


many methods r there jus search the forum
to list a few r
Mixplorer -Android app

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I searched for them ,If i am not wrong they require my own Internet to transfer the files , the thing is I have a limited Internet connection. I want to know how to transfer the same wihtout using my local internet bandwith. Thanks for your efforts.

Search forum(many methods are available) otherwise pm me i will explain it to u

best one
search for

pyLoad downloader


What is this tool For Downloading to gdrive directly?

yes and u just copied my DP :upside_down_face:

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no they dont
most methods support server side transfer

Changing the Damn title won’t change the subject.

And there are still, many of them.

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