Download Any Skillshare Course No account or script needed Easiest way! Chrome Extension

Skillshare Free Downloader

How to do it

Just Add this extension as a regular extension to your Chrome web browser!! When you go to a Skillshare class extension’s icon will be enabled then click it and wait for loading… Then download and Save only the videos you need!! Enjoy!!

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Wooow great share @test_test thank you, I hope u will share for Udey too)))


Absolutely Tremendous work for education for people :*


Wonderful work I hope there’s a Udemy one too which let’s you download all the contents just like udacimak downloads all with HTML


yes we need for udemy …


Thanks a lot! work very well but i hope there`s a udemy one


You can try this open source software for downloading udemy course.

I hope it helps you.


@Ishii01 Before you guys Request, if you ever start Searching I swear you will get the solution in a Minute. about download Udemy courses, the Script and downloader already available under Tools & Script section.


Any for pluralsight ?

Awesome tools, thank you so much.


how about pluralsight @SaM?

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I tested this decrypt method working great.

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Thanks Sam For all.
I just wanted to point out that script for udemy course doesn’t work for unrolled course.

Kindly read the title Chrome Extension To Download Any Skillshare Classes For Free! Easiest way! This is not the thread for udemy courses. Don’t go off-topic again. For further queries go to this Udemy Course Downloader and Scripts so far working. Have a good day. Thanks.

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The best part and recommended part to read The Beginners Guide, after considering the Instruction, use Advanced Search Engine to Search a topic for what solution you’re looking for, use all proper wording to search properly, and if you’re going to post something helpful, Do search with different words + actual title and make sure the topic does not exist even with the different title.

Read FAQ first. Kindly search it first before making a post. For pluralsight it’s available already. Have a good day. Thanks.

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Hello everyone !! I’m replying to my own post to mention the updated version of the tool. Skillshare uses HLS(HTTP Live Streaming) for some of the classes. Previously you may not be able to download them and NOW it’s POSSIBLE!!

You don’t have to do anything unless you haven’t installed it since chrome extension updates happen automatically.

Happy Learning !!


Hi, any suggestion on how to convert those files (m3u8) in mp4 :):slight_smile:

wow!! such a great share!

When i use the extension it downloads but an m3u8 file. How do i watch it normally as an mp4.

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When i use the extension it downloads but an m3u8 file. How do i watch it as an mp4 file offline.

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