dorkScanner | A Typical Search Engine Dork Scanner Scrapes Search Engines With Dorks


A typical search engine dork scanner that scrapes search engines with queries that you provide in order to find vulnerable URLs.

Dorking is a technique used by newsrooms, investigative organisations, security auditors as well as tech savvy criminals to query various search engines for information hidden on public websites and vulnerabilities exposed by public servers. Dorking is a way of using search engines to their full capacity to penetrate web-based services to depths that are not necessarily visible at first.


pip3 install -r requirements.txt


$ python3 --helpusage: [-h] [-q QUERY] [-e ENGINE] [-p PAGES] [-P PROCESSES]optional arguments:  -h, --help            show this help message and exit  -q QUERY, --query QUERY                        Specify the Search Query within ''  -e ENGINE, --engine ENGINE                        Specify the Search Engine (Google/Bing)  -p PAGES, --pages PAGES                        Specify the Number of Pages (Default: 1)  -P PROCESSES, --processes PROCESSES                        Specify the Number of Processes (Default: 2)

You can also specify the arguments inside the program:

Enter the Search Query: Choose the Search Engine (Google/Bing):



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