Dorking For Beginners Friendly 🔥

Easy Method:

  • The first thing we will have to do is have an initial dork. No matter how basic it is

  • Then go to a keyword generator, like

  • Put your initial dork in the search box and see how he recommends hundreds of similar dorks. If you want to use them like this is fine, you must first go through a “cleaning” process.

  • We will go from having inurl index php id = to having inurl: index.php? Id =

  • Replace "inurl" with "inurl:", "php" with ".php?" and "id =" by "id ="

  • that would clean up most idiots. Still, some may remain uncleaned. Check before using them.

  • It should look something like this: inurl:index.php?id =

This is just the base, experiment with it :wink:

Happy learning!