Domain Name | Apply Free Domain Name, free domain names since 1996”. is the domain name under the EU organization. EU stands for the European Union. Paul Mockapetris created the DNS server for this domain name from September to October 1996. Registration is now free for individuals and organizations (without mentioning whether it is non-profit).


  1. Has a long history;

  2. Support for NS records, which means support for all domain name records;

  3. Stable and can be used for a long time;

  4. No restrictions were found.

Application process:

  1. Open the application page register an account and verify the email address.
    Application process:

  2. Enter the domain name you want to register (you need to include the suffix, for example, I enter (prefix with at least 4 digits), and some third-level domain names (such as regional suffix) can be found in " here https: // “view, you can also apply for free) and enter your contact information here, then fill in the” Administrative contact “and” Technical contact "with the contact ID you just applied for Finally, fill in your DNS information in “Technical information” (note that the NS server needs to point in advance to the domain name you applied for (that is, you need to add your domain name first, I have google cloud dns here, other commonly used dnspod. click “Submit”

  3. Wait for a while. At the end, a prompt similar to the one below is displayed to indicate that you can proceed to the next step. If not, please return to the previous page to check the information (for example, whether the DNS server points to the domain name you want to apply) or refresh the page.

  4. Complete the above steps and wait for the e-mail prompt to pass. This time may be a little long. Some people passed it for a few days, and some people for a week, and I waited for 2 weeks before receiving the email.

  5. Modify NS

After obtaining the free domain, you can use it normally. Because google is not free provider, and needs to be used with HTTPS, I intend to add the domain name directly to cloudflare for convenience. When modifying the NS, pay attention to choosing the first one, otherwise you cannot pass.

  1. Last few points.
  1. Since the domestic network http will be reset directly, even if forced https is enabled, it will not automatically jump to https, you need to add it yourself.

  2. The words of the big guys: Although it is a second-level domain, it has been recognized as a top-level domain name by big companies such as Google, cloudflare,

signup with ur student mail for fast result :slight_smile:


Cool tutorial, much appreciated for taking the time to help noobs here like me.

A few questions if I may:

  1. How do we use a free Google Cloud DNS for this tutorial?
  2. Does Dnspod has an EN version? I don’t know Chinese.

Go to the google cloud and
console then

Hi all
I already tryed the link and to me its apears different

As I’m from Brazil and I have a brasillian ip maybe I will need a proxy to get what you guys are seeing.

And this maybe will happens to others


register bro first with ur email


I tryed 4 times to do a regitration but I do not receive a confirmation.

Hi all,
As I was thinking Brasillian IP was the problem, also I tryed with USA IP and also I get no response, but now I used Netherlands IP and I got an answer.


From Singapore here. Worked fine without any VPN change-of-geolocation tricks.

Seems like a fairly simply hosted site so any downtime could be just server issues.

Passed the steps as documented and now waiting for validation to work out.

(PS using some free DNS from cloud providers. Google Cloud DNS is not free ?)

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Thanks for this but
thinks are little ambiguous

  1. For registering domain. did I need a pre-owned server name (Ex:
    If it is then where to find it ? is it free or does google or Cloudflare provide free DNS server?

  2. For registering a domain, is it possible to put any name like Ex: " XYZ " ?

  3. How many days does google provide the DNS for free?

  4. Is Cloudflare DNS free or paid? How to get it?

  5. Not clear about No 6
    " Since the domestic network http will be reset directly, even if forced https is enabled, it will not automatically jump to https, you need to add it yourself. "

@hkr_at I know it sounds like a very noob for the process :expressionless: . Please take your time to clear my confusion. Best idea will be if you make a tutorial for it from the very first process :innocent:

Thanks in Advance :v:


dont use google dns or cloudfare. Hostry provides free dns… go to hostry and make the dns for the domain name you want and then go onto and put the nameservers of hostry.
However it will take some time for the domain to be approved, it took me a month (got approval yesterday infact)… theres a youtube for this go serach for domain

Thanks man for your reply. would you mind to give me the youtube link in PM.


cloudflare is free and better then other after verifying dns use cloudflare
and @Bigbaldhead clear ur doubt anything else pm me thanku

As you say ’ after verifying DNS use Cloudflare ’ then what should I do before this part?
I have to use google DNS, isn’t it?

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yes u have to use googledns or aws or u can check Hostry provides : )

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