Dog Ear | Unload Unused Tabs To View Later


Unload unused tabs to view later | Temporarily bookmark tabs to declutter your browser

Always find yourself with too many tabs open? Keep them open so you don’t lose the page?

Dog Ear is for those of us that want to keep track of web pages while also clean up our browser. Dog Ear temporarily saves your tabs until you are ready to open them again.

:dog: Simple :dog:
No need to over complicate things. With Dog Ear’s simple and straightforward design, tabs can be saved and restored with a click of a button.

:dog: Declutter :dog:
Are you the type of person that usually has 20 tabs open? Dog Ear allows you to store and close your tabs so that you can easily reopen them when you are ready.

:dog: Stay Organized :dog:
Organize your stored tabs into custom categorizes which is as easy as a click and drag.

:dog: Be Reminded :dog:
Afraid you’ll forget about your tabs if you close them? Dog Ear displays your save tabs every time you open a new tab so there’s no worry that you’ll forget!

:dog: Forget Bookmarks :dog:
Tired of organizing and managing your bookmarks? Saved tabs are removed when they are restored so your Dog Ear session stays nice and tidy.

:dog: Synced :dog:
The tabs you save on Dog Ear are automatically synced with your Google account so that they appear on your Chome sessions on every computer.

:dog: No Setup :dog:
No extra account or sign up needed. Dog Ear is ready to go after it is installed!