DMCA Ignored file sharing

I am looking for a file sharing service/cloud which ignores DMCA or at least tries to ignore it.
I will be uploading Copyright content to it such as Envato or Freepik or Themeforest items.
Required Features:

  • DMCA Ignored
  • Folder Sharing
  • No file expiry
  • Large storage

Note: I don’t want to host a website i just want a file storing/sharing service like gcloud,dropbox with above requirements.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

  3. skb-enterprise
  4. AbeloHost
  5. Flaunt7
  6. prohoster

These are my personal tested, obviously not the first one, its very expensive, but if you wanna build new piratebay go for that! XD

The Best DMCA Ignored Countries:

  • The Netherlands – Its staunch support of free speech and user privacy makes it a safe haven for both DMCA content and politically motivated websites.

  • Luxembourg – The US-based DMCA has no effect here, and many hosting companies vow to always keep your content online.

  • Bulgaria – Companies that choose to offer DMCA ignored hosting enjoy the Bulgarian government’s very lenient approach to copyright law.

  • Russia – Communism might have taken a hit, but American copyright laws are about as irrelevant today as they’ve ever been.

  • Hong Kong – Local markets are filled with bootleg copies of copyrighted works, and the same leniency is shown towards hosting companies.

  • Singapore – The hosting capital of southeast Asia is home to many offshore and DMCA ignored hosts, operating almost worry-free.

  • Malaysia – Personal details aren’t required, payments can be made entirely in bitcoin, and the local copyright system has nothing to do with the DMCA.