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The world of hacking is a world of pain and frustration. Frustration for the hacker as
he tries to figure out how to break the latest and greatest security device, and pain for
the manufacturer or corporation that made or was relying on that device.
At least, that is the layman’s view – the hacker is the “bad guy,” set on doing
evil and causing pain to those he comes up against, and interested only in one
thing: destroying the security of the systems in front of him. The manufacturer
is the innocent victim, trying to go about its business, but suffering unprovoked
attacks. But it’s not as simple as that. Hackers come in all shapes and sizes, some
good and some bad, and they hack for all kinds of reasons, some benign and some
selfish. Manufacturers also come in all shapes and sizes, and of course, the pain and
frustration definitely comes in all shapes and sizes:

  • The frustration of not getting your message across – trying and failing to make
    people understand not only what is wrong with their product but why it’s
    important that they get it right.
  • The pain of seeing your research buried under threats of lawsuits, even though
    you are right and the issue you’ve uncovered is there to be exploited.
  • The frustration of dealing with manufacturers or commercial businesses that
    put profit or expedience over end-user safety and security.
  • The pain of losing data or suffering an intrusion through an unpatched

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