[DISCUSSION] What are the Possible ways a Hacker can send you a Virus?

What are the Possible ways a Hacker can send you a Virus? [DISCUSSION]


There are some possible ways a Hacker can send you Server,Virus and .exe files via Internet

  • 1.Binder - Binder is a software which is used to bind orcollaborate the server or virus you have created with some other file like a MP3,JPEG or any other file.You can fool the victim by sending him a song or picture and as soon as he opens the picture or song the Binder also gets open and starts working.

  • 2.Crypter - A crypter is a tool which changes the binary code of the .exe (virus,RAT etc.)file andapplies many encryptions on it which makes the .exe file undetectable.You can use Chrome Crypter as crypter.

  • 3.Zipping - Another smart way to send files is by putting yourserver in a Zipped folder and then sending it to the victim.
    Zipping the file changes the extension of the server from .exe to .zip,which bypasses the file transfer facility of gmail , facebook, yahoo etc…
    USE WINRAR & give password of that file, so AntiVirus do not scan file.

  • 4.Extension - You can change the extension of the Server you want to send as it is not possible to send .exe files,so you can change the extension of .exe to .jpeg,.mp3 etc.
    when you save
    the file and then send it the victim.But in this method you will have to tell the victim to change the extension back to .exe after he/she receives the server.
    This method can only be used in cases where the victim is very dumb and has no knowledge of this field.
    A person who is not much interested in cyber security should have knowledge of above mentioned methods as they can be used against anyone.



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i think most of the things were covered above but there are still few other ways one could do it as far as i know and here they are.

  1. Macros : There is a reason why they ask us not to enable macros for Excel/Word unless we are very sure because if affected it can modify/delete text files from the file system. it could be worse, it can also have access to software like Outlook and all our emails could be read and can also be sent somewhere.

  2. Cypto Jacking : When browsing the internet, some websites will have malicious javascript running and they mine bitcoins/ crypto currency based on User’s CPU Clock Cycles. having an ad blocker helps but not really sure how many ad blockers would detect it though.

  3. Fake Windows update : this is basically a trojan, a file dtnec.exe can be seen running in your task manager.

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