Discounted Udemy Course Enroller- Google Colab


Script to enroll in available Udemy Paid/Free courses having coupons automatically to your Udemy account. Just run it google Colab and wait.


  • Google account


  1. Open in Google Colab
  2. Then if you ever want to run it again.


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Works beautifully. Click on the link that are generated to apply coupon and enroll for free.
There’s a GUI Version of this if anybody wants it. Click on @Techtanic’s profile and then click on the github link.


@Darth_Vader Kindly share GUI version.

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Blockquote Click on @Techtanic’s profile and then click on the github link.


@Techtanic are you the original developer of this script and application?

Is this safe? Will my Udemy account be banned because of this? Thanks.

No… Udemy won’t.
This is simply a backdoor to download videos, nothing more!!!

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I am strictly against downloading the courses. You will account will be suspended if you download courses


It all started on the 4th of November 2020, I was tired of enrolling in courses manually. So I searched google like a normal person. I came across this, then I used it as a base to implement a GUI to it. He probably has a tough time right now so he stopped working on it. By now around 97% of the code in the GUI is re-written to fix and improve things. Hats off to Ammey Saini for his effort which saved me the time of digging for API.


Until now there is no report of any one using this getting banned.
So its safe.
But do not use the account sell or download courses.

Thank you,
Victor Brown

Thank You very much for this.

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Thanks brother for this amazing share

What does it means when it says “Update Available”??
Should I do anything?
Btw Thx for sharing !!!

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I got the same thing. I thought i could another version and then poof.

Failed to load script Udemy

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Just get the new version:

In the colab version there is no way it would show that error. It would only happen in the GUI version.

It works well. The Colab version. But I loved the GUI Version as well. Can you can get that working again? Please? :pleading_face:

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@Techtanic HQ as Always.

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Can now use email password.

  1. Click → Colab

  2. Then if you ever want to run it again.

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My apologies.
I didn’t read the information.

It is just Awesome knowing one can enroll for Coupon and Free courses.
Thank you, Victor.

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YAY. GUI Version working as well. Thanks @Techtanic


Thanks always for the amazing shares