Disabled facebook account due to duplicate account

so my fb got disbled bec i have 2 accounts…when i proceeded to delete the other one, FB dedcided to deactivate the one i wanted to keep. FB is not sending me the code to verify thru phone number to log in. been working on it for 3 weeks…any suggestions?

You have to contact them by writing them. They will give you a 5 digit code to write down on a white=
piece of paper so you can hold up then take of picture of that in send it to them as well as a ID or
driver license. That’s to prove your identify. Other then that there’s no other way

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i did. they sent me a code but it didnt work either. it keeps on sending me “enter your phone number so we can send you a code” something like that. but every time i enter a number…i tried all the numbers even called att for number replacement and nada. i have 7 days left before they completly bury my account