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Features of Repository


  • Hands-on Digital Forensics Labs: designed for Students and Faculty
  • Linux-based lab: All labs are purely based on Kali Linux
  • Lab screenshots: Each lab has PPTs with instruction screenshots
  • Comprehensive: Cover many topics in digital forensics
  • Free: All tools are open source
  • Updated: The project is funded by DOJ and will keep updating
  • Two formalized forensic intelligence in JSON files based-on case studies

Table of Contents (updating)

# The following commands will install all tools needed for Data Leakage Case. We will upgrade the script to add more tools for other labs soon.

chmod +x

Investigating P2P Data Leakage


The P2P data leakage case study is to help students to apply various forensic techniques to investigate intellectual property theft involving P2P. The study include

  • A large and complex case involving a uTorrent client. The case is similar to NIST data leakage lab. However, it provides a clearer and more detailed timeline.
  • Solid evidence with explanations. Each evidence that is associated with each activity is explained along with the timeline. We suggest using this before study NIST data leakage case study.
  • 10 hands-on labs/topics in digital forensics

Topics Covered

Labs Topics Covered Size of PPTs
Lab 0 Lab Environment Setting Up 4M
Lab 1 Disk Image and Partitions 5M
Lab 2 Windows Registry and File Directory 15M
Lab 3 MFT Timeline 6M
Lab 4 USN Journal Timeline 3M
Lab 5 uTorrent Log File 9M
Lab 6 File Signature 8M
Lab 7 Emails 9M
Lab 8 Web History 11M
Lab 9 Website Analysis 2M
Lab 10 Timeline (Summary) 13K

Investigating NIST Data Leakage


The case study is to investigate an image involving intellectual property theft. The study include

  • A large and complex case study created by NIST. You can access the Senario, DD/Encase images. You can also find the solutions on their website.
  • 14 hands-on labs/topics in digital forensics

Topics Covered

Investigating Illegal Possession of Images


The case study is to investigate the illegal possession of Rhino images. This image was contributed by Dr. Golden G. Richard III, and was originally used in the DFRWS 2005 RODEO CHALLENGE. NIST hosts the USB DD image. A copy of the image is also available in the repository.

Topics Covered

Investigating Email Harassment


The case study is to investigate the harassment email sent by a student to a faculty member. The case is hosted by You can access the senario description and network traffic from their website. The repository only provides lab instructions.

Topics Covered

Investigating Illegal File Transferring (Memory Forensics )


The case study is to investigate computer memory for reconstructing a timeline of illegal data transferring. The case includes a scenario of transfer sensitive files from a server to a USB.

Topics Covered

Labs Topics Covered Size of PPTs
Lab 0 Memory Forensics 11M
part 1 Understand the Suspect and Accounts
part 2 Understand the Suspect’s PC
part 3 Network Forensics
part 4 Investigate Command History
part 5 Investigate Suspect’s USB
part 6 Investigate Internet Explorer History
part 7 Investigate File Explorer History
part 8 Timeline Analysis

Investigating Hacking Case


The case study, including a disk image provided by NIST is to investigate a hacker who intercepts internet traffic within range of Wireless Access Points.

Topics Covered

Labs Topics Covered Size of PPTs
Lab 0 Hacking Case 8M

Investigating Android 10

The image is created by Joshua Hickman and hosted by digitalcorpora.


Tools Used




  • Frank Xu
  • Malcolm Hayward
  • Richard (Max) Wheeless




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