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I am in Defensive side of InfoSec and when exploring options to be jobproof & the next thing for next 5 years to upskill & further make a career, I came across a few things like XSOAR, DevSecOps, etc. There seem to be more opportunities & better packages in the DevSecOps space compared to others.

Please suggest which is relevant to a Defensive/Blue team Pro apart from the above two. Also, please pointout to any DevSecOps learning resources, path etc both free & paid.

Thank you

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Pardon me, I missed this one, here we go, go ahead and start learning, everything that you need is already listed here! :heart:

Awesome DevSecOps | Massive Resources & Learning Paths & Collection ⭐

And if you need more awesomeness regarding anything, simply go through this list:

Awesome Resources Search Engine

(Use the option ‘‘Sort By’’ drop menu and check them by date, or use tag to search specific keywords)



Flabbergasted!!! is the only word I could think of…

May you be rewarded THE BEST on all fronts at every step everywhere every time :slight_smile:

After think to thank you in the best possible way, its not english but for sure the best & nothing better stuck to me than “Jazakallahu Khairan Kaseera” :slight_smile:

Because the Best deserves THE BEST of THE BEST :slight_smile: And its you, lovely @SaM


Thank you so much for the speechless feedback, MashaAllah :heart:

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