Desktop window manager (dwm.exe) extremely high usage

DWM is having exremely high cpu, ram, power usage. I have tried almost everything from Internet, so if anyone has solution please suggest.

Right click on dwm in the task manager and click properties. Check the date modified in the Details tab to see if it was updated recently. Then check the Previous Versions tab to see if there are any backup versions you can restore and see if that helps.

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Thanks for suggesting dwm is updated recently, but there is no backup version available. so what to do now ?

You could try downloading or copying a the dwm.exe file from the internet or from another computer but this has risks and may not even fix the issue.
The problem with system files like this is that taking ownership of them and modifying them in any way can cause more problems than they fix.

Other than that I would suggest running Ccleaner to clean up the registry and reboot to see if that makes any difference if you haven’t already.

i tried iobit advance systemcare but it didn’t do anything anyway i will try ccleaner.

When exactly does this issue arrive?
I need the full details in order to help properly.

it has been 1-2 months. initially i thought it’s just due to one of windows update, but this issue never got resolved. i tried almost everything from internet but still nothing.

Does this issue start as soon as windows starts?

yes it does.

Then you most definitely have a virus infection. Try using SpyHunter or any other AV. Also check your Startup tab in Task Manager.

i am using bitdefender it didn’t find anything.

Well → SpyHunter

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bro it is asking for license or buy it?

Has the issue been resolved ? If not PM me i will search for a free anti spyware :slight_smile:

yes bro issue is resolved, I had to reset pc by clean install of windows. And none of the antivirus softwares could help like malwarebytes, spyhunter, bitdefender.