[DENIED] How can I download any Udemy course in 1080p?

I have been looking for methods to download Udemy courses in 1080p but didn’t able to find a good one, I know some of the methods like torrents, coupons and even tried Udemy downloader but all of those methods only provide 720p quality. what I’m looking for is to download any entire course in 1080p ( which I haven’t enrolled in )

If you know any of the trick or method which can give a proper solution to this then It would be very helpful for me and also this community

As per my information, the tools available on internet for downloading courses from udemy don’t allow to download a course which you are not enrolled in.

You must enroll in a course to download it using a downloader tool.

If you want to download a course from udemy which you are not enrolled in then only available options are either torrents or sites like freecourseudemy and all.

If you want to download a course which you are enrolled in, then you should use a tool named as Udeler. It can download all attachments, subtitles, and maximum quality of video i.e. 1080p.
Link for Udeler - https://github.com/FaisalUmair/udemy-downloader-gui

Correct me if I am wrong. :wink:

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