Deep Web Explanation | Leaked PDF


DEEP WEB leaked PDF - similar to Fraud bible


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Happy learning!


@PlayBoy83 @SaM This pdf doesnt cotain any deepweb related stuff but contains methods to do fraud like carding(which hacker communities strongly oppose) so i request you to delete the post.

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Carding stuff allowed, so, excuse it, and never ask for deleting anything, we don’t do it here once the post gets published.

Thanks for looking forward!


The least I can say is thank you Admin. No knowledge is a waste, academically.

“…which hacker communities strongly oppose…” > really?

Knowledge is sharing. This stuff also can found on other locations/platform. Kindly respect the administrator here.Thanks again for sharing this book. And remember, members please used at your own discretion!

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Nice One. Thanks for sharing.

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i agree great book awesome learning and couldn’t get into better detail with the breakdown of carding thanks for the post.