DEDSEC All Courses | Massive Collection | HQ Leak

Course List:

-Advance Course of Android Hacking
-Advance Of Black Hat Hacking
-Antivirus Evasion Course
-Complete Basic Course Of Android Hacking
-Complete Basic Course Of Kali Linux
-Complete Course Of Wifi Hacking
-Complete Course Of Carding
-ERC Course By DedSec
-Facebook & Instagram Hacking
-Manually Binding And Making FUD Payloads For Android
-Online Accounts Cracking Course
-Reverse Engineering Course – The Hacks Behind Cracking
-Spamming Practical Course – First Time In Internet History
-DedSec Latest FUD Ransomware


Happy learning!


Even though the link works, but the courses are deleted in google drive, please can you put us another link like β€˜mediafire’ with the complete courses. Thanks in advance

Courses are deleted in gdrive. Could you share them in mega or any other links
Thanks in advance :grinning:

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There is a download-link.exe in every folder :confused:

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