Dead phone recovery of data

hey guys , i know you all brilliant and this page is really awesome . hmm i am facing problem now a day
that my old phone is completely dead and i want to recover all internal data by my own , but dont reall know how to do , not even know the software . can anyone please help me to sort out this problem for me .MY PHONE NOT EVEN SWITCH ON ,COMPLETELY DEAD.


Your phone android or ios

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If its android and it has removable battery, first charge the battery for couple of hours and remove battery.
Wait for sometime and insert battery.
Connect mobile to pc via USB and Google (how to enter into download mode / hard reset mode.) that.
If your mobile has entered into that mode then your mobile data can be directly accessed.

Note: this process worked for me when my mobile has no display and mobile is working fine.
I have also checked this process in Samsung tab when custom rom has installed and got bricked.

Better installing the oem drivers is good before getting into the process.

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HTC chacha… Old phone of 2012 times…