Datacamp Premium for 6 Months worth of $150 USD

Datacamp is an online educational platform.

The skills people and businesses need to succeed are changing. No matter where you are in your career or what field you work in, you will need to understand the language of data. With DataCamp, you learn data science today and apply it tomorrow. They have Awesome Carrier Track in Data scientist and Machine Learning Scientist.

I can give access to Premium account at least for 6 months and this is free only for students who can’t afford the course. All you have to do is to write in brief about why you need this and what you are planning to do with this Premium account. I might also ask for some proof to prove that you are a student. If you are not making use of the Premium account after getting it for free I might throw you from the plan.

Others, Who wish to pay very little of $10 for 6 months of Premium access to course can pay and get the course, for those who pay for the course will get access to the course irrespective to progress in the course.

  • Just in case if you are wondering yeah, you will get a certificate after completing their carrier track or skills or any of the courses!
  • I’m trying to get more days, more than 6 months for both who pays and who gets it for free but not sure about this.
  • I will give access to your mail ID itself, Ony few accounts are left so hurry!

PM me for more info!