Cyber Warfare | Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners


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• Book Overview and Key Learning Points
• Book Audience
• How this Book is Organized

Book Overview and Key Learning Points

This book is designed to cover the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of the
conflicts in cyberspace today. The perspectives of the two authors balance the viewpoints of what many are calling cyber warfare today. One comes from a commercial
background and the other brings the military viewpoint. The book is designed to help
anyone understand the essentials of what is happening today, as well as provide a
strong background on the issues we are facing.
This book is unique in that it provides the information in a manner that can be
used to establish a strategic cybersecurity vision for an organization but it is also
designed to contribute to the national debate on where cyber is going.

Book Audience
This book will provide a valuable resource to those involved in cyber warfare
activities regardless of where there focus is policy maker, CEO, CISO, doctrinal
development, penetration testers, security professionals, network and systems
administrators, or college instructors. The information provided on cyber tactics and
attacks can also be used to assist in engineering better and more efficient procedures
and technical defenses.
Those in management positions will find this information useful, as well, from
the standpoint of developing better overall risk management strategies for their organizations. The concepts covered in this book will help determine how to allocate
resources and can be used to drive security projects and policies, in order to mitigate
some of the larger issues discussed.

How this Book is Organized
This book is designed to take the reader through a logical progression for a foundational understanding of today’s cyber battlespace, but the content and organization
of the topics in this book are built as standalone modules of information. It is not
necessary to read the book from front to back or even in any particular order. In
the areas where we refer to information located in other chapters in the book…

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