Cyber Security EssentIals | More Than Hacking!

A Note from the Executive Editors
This is not your typical security book. Other books of this genre exist to
prepare you for certification or to teach you how to use a tool, but none
explains the concepts behind the security threats impacting enterprises
every day in a manner and format conducive to quick understanding.
It is similar to a reference book, an encyclopedia of sorts, but not
quite. It is not comprehensive enough to be an encyclopedia. This
book does not cover every security concept from A to Z, just the ones
that we have observed having the most impact on the large-enterprise
network battle.

It is similar to books like the Unix Power Tools series, but again not
quite. Those authors collected small snippets of practical information
about how to run a UNIX machine. This book has no code samples.
It is not a “how-to” book on hacking skills. This book, instead, covers
key security concepts and what they mean to the enterprise in an easyto-read format that provides practical information and suggestions for
common security problems. The essays in this book are short, designed
to bring a reader up to speed on a subject very quickly. They are not
70-page treatises, but rather high-level explanations about what the
issue is, how it works, and what mitigation options are available.
It is similar to the Physician’s Desktop Reference (PDR), but once
again not quite. The PDR is an annually published aggregation of
drug manufacturers’ prescription information. continue reading…

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