is this site legit?

Hi Friends, I was surfing Reddit and I came across this does anyone knows is this legit or an another Internet Scam.

Cwimoney is a scam site don’t use it. People generally think that earning online from home is very easy. It is not. But it becomes easy after some time.

Initially, everyone has to be patient and use their knowledge to generate income. In the beginning, your income will be less but after 6 months, the growth will be exponential.

The thinking to earn passive income and having early retirement is used by scammers to make us fool.


Earning money needs time and patience… Fast earning even in reality has many drawbacks even honestly gained. I think that People must be careful this that…

I don’t trust Easy moeny… You have to sell something that doesn’t belong to you or fake something or…
I used to do clickandpay, not Easy but it was paying out… Along they disappear just that with my gain… Anyway, I’m not sure about Easy money online and I don’t trust it.

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