Crypto Doubler | Make 20$ To 40$ Easily!

Step 1: Sign up on Here (Before you stop reading, this is a unique method, it doesn’t involve gambling where odds are stacked against you, etc.)

Make sure you’re on a newly-registered account as the point of this is to build from ground zero.

Step 2: Deposit $15-$25+, I’d recommend $25+ for the slower safer method, $15-$25 for the faster method.

Faster (Riskier) Method:
Head to Casino → Search “Dice”, you should see a game provided by “Stake Originals”.

Set your multiplier to 1.1x

Click the gear icon and select instant bet

For a $15-$25 balance use a base bet of $0.50-$0.75~

Go to the autoplay tab and start autoplay, continue this process until you are Bronze VIP.

Bronze VIP instantly rewards you with cash and you should then claim your first Weekly/Monthly bonus.

From here you have two options, either continue and play the games/sports as you’d like and go up the ladder of VIP tiers or simply cashout once claiming the Weekly/Monthly and rinse and repeat.

Slower (Safer) Method:
Head to Sports → Starting Soon

Find a match with preferably a 1.00 odd favorite, if there are none soon go for a 1.01.

Here’s an example:

Place all of your balance on this match, if you have a larger bankroll feel free to divide it up into multiple to easily reach that first VIP tier and beyond!


Spam “Load More” at the bottom and then CTRL+F search “1.00” / “1.01”, again 1.00 is heavily preferred as while it seems like a little difference the background calculations place them at a FAR better favorite.

Do NOT play SRL/Simulated Reality League Matches

Do NOT play Table Tennis.



How come you bet 1.00 odds and double your money?

Don’t waste your time for this scam method.