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If you have a few $$$ to play around with, this is a great way to make extra cash on autopilot. I have made a decent profit.


BEWARE: Crypto markets are volatile and there is a considerable amount of risk involved. Do not invest money that you can not afford to lose.

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Easy to get started :

  1. sign up on quadency & trading view (for indicators)
  2. sign up on the exchange of your choice (Binance, etc) do verification & get API key
  3. connect API on Quadency

Congratulations! Pro account for 6 months!

On all of the trading strategies, there is a smart suggest option where you can copy the trading strategies suggested by the system. I have found that it is best to select a strategy that has many trades over a short period of time. This way you know that the coin you are trading has volume.

Shame I signed up to Coinbase Pro a week ago. The trial doesn’t work with that.

Just sign up to any of the other exchanges. You do not have to fund the new exchange account. and then connect your Coinbase. I think you still get a 3-month pro when you connect an existing account?

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Yea i figured it out, signed up to kucoin, got the 6 months, and then added coinbase pro. Know any decent bot settings to use?

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Use at your own risk - at the moment I am using the multi-level RSI bot on BTC/USDT, 5 min candles, 14 RSI period, even amounts on 40 50 60 RSI, take profit on 2.5% stop loss on 5%. You can do back tests to tweak this to the level of risk exposure that you are comfortable with before going live.

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