Creative Method To Make Money Online ✅

This year, I am going to share one more method that will really help you to earn a decent amount of money without much work or may be some work.

As the title says, the method is to earn from Adsense but without owning any Adsense account. You will see how.

I am sorry but you are not a true Black Hat World member if you have never been banned from Adsense at least once yet. I have been banned several times from Adsense and it really gave me a lot of anxiety before the payment date.

Anyways, after I got banned multiple times, I knew there’s a lot of money to be made in Adsense. I knew my methods from earn Adsense were bad because it’s always trying to trick Google by doing black hat tricks.

So, I tweaked my methods a bit and came up with few white hat solutions.

Anyways, coming to the money making part.

In short, we are going to contact struggling YouTubers by making websites for them and keep earning money from their Adsense which is generated by the website. Sounds easy? Complicated? No worries, I will elaborate properly. Keep reading because you need to know everything before you get the idea that it’s not like any other thread where I am going to tell you to contact the YouTubers, help them to make their website and charge for it. It’s not like that and it’s much bigger than that.

First Step : Finding the Desirable Niche.

I am revealing one of the many niches I am using to earn passive money from this method. Here’s what I do. I like playing lot of games and when you love playing some game, the first thing you do is search for YouTube videos that could help you to become a pro in it.

But what I found from this method was amazing. After watching a lot of videos on my favorite game, I started to realize that I am wasting a lot of time by just playing and watching these gaming videos and I started to think how I could earn money from the game itself. That way, I could make sure I am not wasting any time playing or watching the game.

Now, I am not a super pro player in those games I play, so it was pointless for me to become a streamer, plus, it needs your time. I mean you will have to be physically present to make money from streaming. I did not want to do that.

So, here’s what happened. There were many YouTubers in my favorite game and I personally liked watching them, I saw that literally none of them really had any websites at all.

The sole income of Gamers these days are YouTube Adsense, Donations and Twitch Subs.

So, I started emailing some of those Gamers saying “ I could help them generate a lot more revenue by making a website and putting ads there. The CPC is higher than YouTube Adsense and you could literally earn some bonus money for yourself. Whatever revenue is generated from your YouTube channel is Yours but whatever revenue is generated from the website will be split 70/30. 70 for me and 30 for you. (This part is negotiable and depends on your bargaining skill) ”.

Now, before you get to the above part, you need some preparations –

Go ahead and register the exact name domain. If the YouTuber name “ClashKingDave” then you register that exact name in Godaddy or wherever you find it cheaper before that YouTuber buys it.
Make a nice demo website using his Youtube Channel videos. I do this part by myself because I am really nice with Wordpress & Divi. I make a modern and fancy website using that YouTubers videos and write some short summaries about those videos. (For example, if the YouTuber plays Hearthstone, then I will write about that game and how that YouTuber used a new strategy to achieve Legendary rank in that game and so on). Whenever you contact a YouTuber and show them a demo website, the chances of conversion increases because they will see your work and will definitely think that you are serious.

You need some knowledge about that niche too personally or else it will be difficult to write articles. I personally contact those YouTubers in which I really have some knowledge.

After you have some content, you now send those above emails and try to show how it could be beneficial for him/her. It’s really important for you to show that YouTuber how that person could benefit from this. I really hard sell here by showing all the perks of owning a website. How this could be helpful for his reputation and branding and so on. How he could double his income from this etc. etc.

After you do all the above steps, there’s a very high chance that those YouTuber will see the advantages for themselves and will agree with you. I mean, you are not even taking his YouTube Money, you are just taking the money generated from that website which you are mainitaining. He literally doesn’t have to do anything. Adsense can differ both income from YouTube & website.

Next, after both party agrees, just tell him to talk about the website in their videos. That’s why, this method doesn’t need much promotion because literally, the YouTuber will do that part for you.

That’s why I said to contact Struggling YouTubers with less than 20k subscribers. When you keep watching those videos, you kind of get an idea that if that certain YouTuber will grow or not. The quality and audience interaction will help you a lot recognizing if they have a good future with YouTube or not.

Now, after you both become partners, all he has to do is upload videos consistently and all you have to do is write an article around that video and publish them in the website. Make sure the YouTuber adds the links in their description and talk about it in their videos a little. Audience will keep visiting and you will keep on earning.

Eventually, you will need a lot of VAs to help you with writing articles. Then after he receives a check, just take your cut via Paypal or Wire transfer. I take Paypal if it’s less than $500 and I take wire if it’s more than $500.

Some Mistakes that I made and you should Avoid –

Never contact any American YouTuber – Trust me, they either have their own websites or generally won’t bother. My least conversion with this method is USA.(Usually, they are highest with all other money making methods) Secondly, they kind of buy the domains first, so you won’t be able to buy it at all. It’s not worth the time. Keep reading to see how to accomplish this step below.
Do not treat the website as your another Web 2.0 – Build the website like your own because you will be earning from these websites for a long long time.
Don’t just stick to earn from Adsense - If you have chosen gaming niche, then write guides on how to become a pro in that game and which gadgets to use etc. etc. and link them with your Amazon affiliate products. Also, hire someone to write guide ebooks, etc. and sell them. Don’t forget to sell T-Shirts based on that YouTubers famous phrases. Most YouTubers use some phrases that eventually becomes famous like “YEAH BUDDY!!”, “POG CHAMP!” and so on, make t-shirts on those phrases and sell them in the website.
Don’t think that just because a YouTuber has a lot of subs then he must be rich - The chances are he is really not that rich. I mean go to Twitch and literally those gamers are begging for subs and donations. They are happy to earn some extra bucks to buy new smartphone or upgrades for their PC and so on.
Do not give the Domain or Hosting to the YouTuber – Most time they do not bother with this part but having the domain to yourself is an advantage and that way you could make sure he will not run away with the money. This never happened with me yet but still for safety.
Write Contracts – Over the time, YouTubers become big. YouTube starts featuring them and they gain lot of subs within months. It’s important that you both write up a contract mentioning the partnership and the ownership of the revenues.
Create a website for yourself to show off your portfolio - Over the time, you will be working with many YouTubers. You will have many websites to add in your portfolio. Whenever, YouTubers sees that you are working with so many other channels, they kind of gain more trust for you.
Time and Patience is required a lot – Make a target to get only 1 client per month. In 12 months, you will have 12 clients. Even if you only earn $300-$400 from each client, you will be banking a decent amount. You won’t get all the clients in the first day. Creating demo sites, buying domain & hosting needs both money and time and a ton of patience. But you are just investing this time once. Stay self-motivated, find your will power and stay persistent.
Hire a lot of VAs – According to my experience, 1 VA can handle and track at most 3 channels. I hire VA for everything, from writing articles to making quiz to writing paid ebooks etc. It will cost half of the profit you will make from that YouTuber but you will win with volume. Plus, it won’t require your presence. Let the VA handle everything for you. Let’s say if you make $500 from a YouTuber and VA costs $300 then no problem. You will make an empire with more than 40-50 YouTubers. All the little profit will create a huge wealth for you. And do you really think when the business starts growing; you will be able to handle that all by yourself? Do not make this mistake of doing everything by yourself. Spend some money on VAs, seriously.
Do not try to trick the YouTuber – Whatever profit you generate, just keep your promise even if that YouTuber overlooks. If you are earning from selling guides, T-shirts etc. then honestly, share all the revenue generated from website with him. Build relationships.
Keep some businesses in your name too – If Adsense is in the Youtubers name and he pays your cut then keep some business in your name too. For example, I use my Amazon Affiliate links, I use my Paypal for selling books, etc. and share the cut with the YouTuber. This helps to have some authority over the business.

How to Scale this Business –

Use VPN – Like I said, it’s important to target third world countries. Try searching “Clash Royale” from your country, then try connecting to a different country with a VPN and search the same term, you will totally see different results. That’s your main entry point. Target different countries. YouTube algorithm works totally differently on every country. When you target third world countries, the chances are they don’t have any website or didn’t register their domains. Seriously, do not miss this part, I believe this is one of key part of this whole method to work.
Only target Busy YouTubers – Gamers literally have to play 10 hours a day and they are really busy with active gaming. They don’t have much time to maintain a website and play games. Same goes with Vloggers. They are busy creating and editing videos, they don’t really get much time for websites.
Collect Email - It’s very very very very very very very very important to build a big email database. This helps to bring a lot of revenue selling products. New gadgets, guides, upgrades, games etc. are launching every week, put them in those newsletters and send them. Viewers kind of happy sharing their emails with their favorite YouTubers.
Don’t just stick with Adsense - It alone won’t generate a lot of revenue itself. Try writing guides and sell the ebooks. Find related Amazon products and earn commission. Check Humble Bundle and you will constantly find some related products to the niche. Even T-Shirt sells crazily, just hire some good designers.
Do not overlook the social medias – Most Youtubers has active Twitter, FB and IG pages. Get that YouTuber to promote the website everywhere. This will literally drive a lot of traffic to the website. Plus, a link from famous YouTube, FB, IG and Twitter page helps a lot with SEO as well.
Branding is everything – Most YouTuber names becomes a brand over time. You can try Google their usernames and you will see a ton of search volume. The website will start getting organic traffic from the YouTubers names alone. This takes time but it happens.

Case studies –

There’s a famous PUBG player in my country and 2 years back he started his own YouTube channel. I knew that YouTuber will get famous eventually because he is really a pro player. He used to have 4k-5k views on videos but above 800-900 comments. That’s how I knew that this YouTuber could potentially become famous in the future.

I contacted that Gamer, showed him the demo website and offered this same service. He accepted the offer and I started building his website. Not only I wrote articles about the videos but I also shared a lot of guides with the help of that YouTuber to make many quality articles.

In short, you really have to love the websites like its owner as well. Write quality articles, make quizzes, write guides, make Amazon affiliate pages with products related to that niche and so on.

Like I thought, he now has over 500k subs and the traffic alone from his Channel and Social media is huge. This alone brings over $2k+ a month from the monetization methods I shared above.

That’s why I mentioned to target Busy YouTubers who will not have time to maintain website. That’s where you come into play and fill that requirement. Gamers are literally busy 12-14 hours a day when they become famous.

Bonus Tip: If you really want to find some potential future famous gamers then watch the troll and LOL videos on that particular game. For example, if you like counter strike, then search some counter strike LOL videos. What happens is that some YouTuber compiles a ton of clips from live streamers and combine them in one place. You can watch the whole video and find those YouTubers quickly and contact them. It saves a lot of time finding those YouTubers.

Case Study 2:

Another niche that worked with me a lot is with Vloggers. I do believe, all of us like to watch some vloggers over the world. We may think they are really rich and living the dream life but actually the opposite is happening with them.

Vlogging costs a lot of money, from traveling tickets to hotel to gears and gadgets etc. costs a lot.

So, there’s a vlogger in my country who makes vlogging videos using the native language I speak. ( That’s why I mentioned VPN is necessary so that you can connect to other countries and only find videos famous in that country. YouTube algo became super powerful these days. It literally fetches videos that would be loved by the people in that country only)

Anyways, he had over 100k subs but didn’t have any website. I contacted him and asked how’s things are going etc. I asked him “You must be earning a lot of money from YouTube since you are so famous and your viewer stats are nice”. He told me that YouTube Money doesn’t even cover the cost of his gears and traveling tickets and he is really at a loss to that point and he is burning his savings right now.

I was shocked because I really thought famous YouTubers are rich. Anyways, I offered him the same service too and he took it. Every YouTuber has this mentality that they don’t have to lose anything with this, plus, it would be nice to make some extra bucks to pay off some bills.

Vlogging really doesn’t bring much money from Adsense from websites. But what I did was I created a lot of guides with the help of that YouTuber. I mean, if a vlogger is vlogging about Italy then he must know how to travel Italy properly. So, I wrote guides on those topics and covered the essentials that many people are searching these days like “How to get a Visa from “X” country, how to travel Italy, where to stay, where to eat, where to go, how much will be the museum ticket cost, etc. etc.”

I write a complete guide on that city or country with that vloggers help. It really helps fellow travelers a lot. You can sell each ebook for $0.99 to $9.99 and they sell like crazy.

Secondly, with the data I collected over the years, I saw a lot of people in this whole world wants to become a Vlogger. I see people likes to travel and want to copy those vloggers. That’s great because I also write guides on “How to become a vlogger and attach Amazon affiliate links and personal guides” and make money. Those cameras and gears are not really that cheap. The commission is high. Vloggers often make videos about how they are vlogging and what challenges they are facing etc. He will describe everything and will say “Click on the link in the description to check out the full guide on what you need to start as a vlogger in my website”.

The idea is “Don’t Dig for Gold, Sell Shovels!”

And finally, I sell a lot of premium pictures. Most vloggers has high quality cameras. Filming and clicking pictures is something that all vloggers knows very well. I create a different section in the website for vloggers, where I offer the audience to see 10-20 HD pics for free and then I pack like 150-200 pictures and sell them. People are often attached emotionally with vloggers and they are always curious to know more about that vloggers life.

I really sell them at affordable prices depending on the quantity. Again, volume is how you will earn big bucks with these things. Plus, vloggers are traveling all the time, so, getting a ton of pictures is not really that hard for them. This really helps to make some extra money too.

Closing Statement.

I really hope you guys got a lot of ideas from this thread and like I said again and again, use this method as a side hustle. Contact like 10-20 YouTubers a week and try to score only 1 YouTuber per month. Over the time, you will get a lot of clients and will earn a decent money passively. It’s not easy money but after some time when you will have the website ready and get your VA to do everything for you, you will earn passively without having to do much work.

Surely, it requires some work at the beginning but since designing websites is one of my passion, it doesn’t feel like I am working.



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