Create Any number of Folders with in seconds - Known but Forgotten Method

This method might be helpful for some folks atleast. So thought for sharing this very well known ignored method for long time.

No downloads, No software, No internet. It works like charm.

Learn creating multiple folder from text file with one step
Learn extracting folder names to a text file with one more step.

here is the link :


The time it takes to do all that. Id of already of created and named the folders lol.

Thanks for the share though mate, Appreciated.

Thank you mate, but imagine if you have list already as a text file its easy for you to replace with “md” and create multiple folders right. here in this tutorial that was just an example to showcase but in real world you wont use this to write folder names in text file and then create folders.

This case is more for the people who have list of 20 and more then that will come in handy to create folders.

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