Create a Whatsapp account with virtual phone number (fake phone number) (WORKING MAY 2021)

I have been using this method for a while now, on multiple devices never got banned.
But I can’t guarantee this is 100% ban proof.
If your number gets banned, try applying the same steps again with a different account.
Follow the steps to get a whatsapp account with virtual number:

  1. Download TextFree and Any VPN (i used VPN Unlimited).

  2. Connect your VPN to USA.

  3. Open TextFree

  4. Click on signup (NO need to give location access)

  5. On “Choose Your Number screen”, enter any area code (Eg: 614) and click continue.

  6. Select any number from the drop down.

  7. Create account with email and password (doesn’t have to be real as no verification is done)

  8. Click register (It takes some time)

  9. Then click MAYBE LATER.

  10. NOW click on the gear icon

  11. Turn on Forward Calls to Voice mail. (Leave everything to default)

  12. Open whatsapp and set the country to USA.

  13. Enter the TextFree Number you selected before.

  14. When asking for OTP, it might pop up as wait for 1hr before trying its normal, neglect it.

  15. click on Call now (You dont have to lift the call)

  16. You will recive a notification from TextFree.

  17. Open TextFree and wait a few minutes (generally takes about 2 minutes) you will get another message as OTP.

  18. Use the OTP to verify your number and proceed forward.


  • If you didn’t get the voicemain-to-Text message even after like 5 mins, click “Call me” again in whatsapp.
  • You might have to give calling permissions to TextFree

ENJOY :yum: