Crazy Tips For Cracking | Beginners Friendly!


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  1. Never get your combos from nulled sources, the combos will get raped in an hour and you’ll have shared accounts/shitty hits

  2. Always handwrite your dorks and dont use a combo leecher/dork generator

  3. If you’re going to get your combos from SQLidumper use HMA & ExpressVPN because they have a feature to change ip’s every 10secs etc.

  4. Every fucking vpn company logs, stop asking.

  5. If you want a good vpn for something else use Mullvad[underrated]

  6. Never use selly to open up an alt shop, use shoppy

  7. Use an RDP/VPS for better cracking expirence, trust me also don’t buy from famous hostings they’ll check your RDP after you purchase it and ban you, however Virmarch/hostdzire don’t.

  8. Always use a VPN when cracking with a proxyless checker, if you’re using proxies/rdp then that’s enough

  9. Run your crackers on sandboxie/vm [same thing if you’re using an rdp, could damage it for you]

  10. Start on Crunchyroll and spotify if you don’t know shit

  11. Sell in bulk if no one is buying from you

  12. Use Woxy for mail access cracking [There’s already a cracked version thats not hard to find]

  13. Use EmEditor to open large databases/text files

  14. Scan your dorks with SQLidumper and scan for vulns ones with v3n0mscanner and dump the database with SQLmap

  15. Never allow PayPal on an autobuy service

  16. If you’re gonna crack twitter accounts use a USER:PASS combo, because the authentication will be “complete your email” 70% that the username will be the
    same as the email.

  17. Use a USA Combo for twitter cracking because a hell ton of them have the username same as the email…

Happy learning!


thanks for the tips