Cracking Superhost By Sean Rakidzich


Cracking Superhost – How To Use Other People’s Properties to Earn a Full-time Income on Airbnb… Without Buying. Learn How To Go From Zero To 100k.

In this training you will learn:

  • The best way to build a real estate portfolio
  • How to build a real estate empire 10x faster than anyone you know
  • Why most Airbnb hosts fail and how to avoid it

About Your Instructor

I help people start and grow profitable Short Term Rental Businesses

Are you wanting to improve your business or learn how to start your own short-term rental business?

My name is Sean Rakidzich and I help people create an automated short-term rental business using my system.

Course Curriculum


  • Instruction Manual For Course
  • Welcome To Cracking Superhost
  • Intro
  • What is Airbnb?
  • Notes About The Course
  • Cost To Start
  • What you Will Need For This Course
  • Assess Property Potential

Property Acquisition

  • Welcome To The Property Acquisition Section
  • What You Need Before You Start
  • Do You Need A Website?
  • Where To Find Properties
  • Research – Supply
  • Research Demand
  • Research – Secret Shopping
  • Three Areas of Market Research In Review
  • The Script Intro
  • Script for apartments
  • The script for houses
  • How To Negotiate
  • Closers Crash Course Workshop (5 hours)

Setting Up Your Property

  • What To Do Before You Buy Your Furniture
  • Buying The Furniture
  • As it arrives
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Interior Design and Beds Layout Tips
  • Yard
  • Utilities
  • Supply storage
  • Security and signage
  • Readiness Review

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