Cracking Guide To Make Money Instead ⭐

You will need a VPN so you can stay protected online when cracking. VPN I suggest is ProtonVPN, it is the best-encrypted VPN that I prefer to use. VPN is used so that your real identity can’t be found, and it will make it difficult for the Cyber Police/White Hat Hackers to find you. I suggest you use VPN all the time when you access the internet because it is not safe.

1:- Crack Accounts
Start cracking accounts using paid crackers, such as Sniper or buy configs for Sentry MBA. Investment needs to be done if you want to make money. Otherwise, earning money would be a bit difficult. You can buy [HQ] Combos here on Cracked. Create a proper list of the account that you have cracked. You can always contact a TSP member such as for a cracker/dorks for combos.

2:- Create a Shop
You will need a shop to sell the accounts that you have created. Selling shop that I recommend is Selly .gg. It is good for beginners to use if you know any other shops that are good to post and reply. Will surely check it out. Make sure that your shop looks good, and the buyers are attracted. It should have good covers and add as much info as you can when describing a product. DO NOT SCAM, SCAMMING WILL GET YOU IN BIG TROUBLE!.

3:- Accepting Money
Accept money from gift cards only. Cause using PayPal and stuff you can easily get reported and it will be very easy to track your data. As PayPal requires personal info. After using gift cards you can buy BTC using those which you can sell and get Bitcoin. Which you can then sell it on Blockchain and stuff and then transfer the money to PayPal. The money will become clean and will be untraceable. Use to buy BTC using gift cards or of course you can just accept BTC with fees off of the sally.

Happy learning!

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