Cracking Guide | Quick And Effective A Cracking


Cracking Guide | Quick And Effective A Cracking


  • Prologue : Terms of Service
  • Part 1 : Workplace Setup
  • Part 2 : Tools Required
  • Part 3 : Basics
  • Part 4 : High Hit Combos
  • Part 5 : Setting Up Shop
  • Part 6 : Issues & Solutions
  • Part 7 : SQLi Dumper Basics
  • Part 8 : Ways to Sell + Strategies
  • Part 9 : Download

Part 1 : Workplace Setup

Before running any tools, you must make sure that your PC is in good condition / running pretty fast, as some a cracking steps require a lot of computer power, and may lag whatever you are doing.

To prevent anything from going wrong, I suggest you turn off anything you aren’t using in Task Manager by killing the task and service. These things can be anything from games, browser tabs, or anything taking up a medium to a large sum of RAM/CPU usage.

After cleaning up your PC and making sure you have nothing else running that could interrupt your a cracking, you may proceed with the next part of this tutorial, which is downloading the tools and knowing which tools you need for the job. Continue reading inside…

Prologue : Terms of Service

Please note that this eBook is very simple and straightforward (Made to make cracking simple)
If you would like to skip the simple stuff, please proceed to the last few parts of it for the complex parts such as Good Keywords, Selling Accounts, Etc.

I am not held responsible for any mess you get yourself into while using this method. I am simply providing this as a tutorial / guide for educational purposes only.

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Happy learning!