Cracking Guide | A To Z Tutorial | Old But Gold!

This e-book divided into several parts:

✓ First of all – software, Discord server, and some knowledge.
✓ SQL Injection – how to use SQLi Dumper, the creation of dorks and everything related.
✓ Let’s crack! – how to use Sentry MBA.
✓ Security – how to do not lure cops into your house.
✓ D4t4b4s3s – everything about databases.
✓ Dehashing – how to dehash, what is hashcat and more.
✓ Money making – how to make money with cracking.
✓ Regex – how to make your combolists better.
✓ RDP/VPS – how to use them to crack 24/7, which RDP/VPS should you choose.
✓ The end – just read it, please.


Happy learning!

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