Crack Your First Account | Cracking Tutorial 2021


A VPN is one of the most essential tools for hiding your identity whilst cracking, you should be protected by a vpn as soon as you turn your computer on. You want to pick a VPN that keeps no logs and the one I use is MULLVAD and MULLVAD works using a key to authenticate meaning that what you do on the VPN is not logged under you name and instead under this key which anyone could have access to. Cryptostorm is another key authentication VPN.

A Checker program:

  • OPENBULLET is the cracking tool that is easiest to use and the program with the most free public configs. The configs need to be in .loli format

  • OPENBULLET ANOMALY is a mod for openbullet that allows it to run .anom/.loli configs

  • SILVERBULLET is a new version of openbullet allowing you to run .svb/.anom/.loli and has addtional plugins

  • SENTRYMBA is getting outdated howver there are still some people who use it.

  • SNIPR is a paid checked that comes with many builtin configs and a proxy scraper.

  • BLACKBULLET in my understanding is basically same as openbullet.

  • STORM another free checker which has many public configs.

  • WOXY 3.0 for mail access (Find a cracked version.)

AIO Checkers are ALL-IN-ONE checking programs for example mailify or monarchy for mail access, SLICEAIO/Bazooka for streaming minecraft etc. AIO normally come preinstalled with configs and the configs are updated with the tool. Use a AIO for ease of use. NOTE most checkers and AIO’s configs can be made in openbullet

A config:

  • Configs can be made in openbullet much easier than other checking tools, this means that there are many config makers out there. If you want a config for a specific site you will have to make it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

  • The configs section is a great place to find configs and most sites should be here.

  • If you require HQ configs you will probably need to pay someone to make a config/checker or get access to a combo cloud.

  • If configs are proxyless this means that you are using your pc or rdp’s current ip address meaning it will likely be faster but you might get ip banned. It also puts you at risk as every request is coming from same source ip address.

A combo:

  • The combolist section is a great place to get some SEMIHQ combos, they should be fine for personal use however if selling accounts your gonna wanna buy combos or make your own.

  • Making your own combos consists of dumping sites databases with sqlmap/sqlidumper or another tool.

  • To dump combos you will use dorks to scan search engines for vulnerable sites to use sqlmap or a tool similar to dump the databases.

  • The way SQLI Dumper works is using google dorks which is basically what the program google searches so if you want a fortnite combo you should be using gaming or fortnite dorks.

  • MAIL ACCESS Combos are combos where the password works for the email these are required for most SE methods such as cracked ebay or amazon. Mail access combos are harder to come by.

  • Most Mail Access combos are raped as the email sites arent secure to find good Mail Access hits only check yahoo, gmx, hotmail or other big email provides whos site has better security.


https://proxyscrape…free-proxy-list - FREE

Proxies are a server application or appliance that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients. What this means is that when the bots are making the login request it will use the proxy server and mask your ip behind it. This is useful for anonymity and when you get banned for sending too many login requests you can change proxy and try again.

I have included some links to proxy sites and if you don’t want to pay use a proxy scraper. You can use api rotating proxies in openbullet using these remote soureces.

HTTP: https://api.proxyscr…l&anonymity=all

SOCKS4: https://api.proxyscr…000&country=all

SOCKS5: https://api.proxyscr…000&country=all

  • HTTP

Source: nulled

Happy learning!