Crack Anything For Anything | All In One Cracking Guide ❄️

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Ready to learn something way too simple & easy? Yeah, as the title says, Anything for anything, give it a try and amaze your knowledge just like that!

Cracking Accounts

How to use SentryMBA (Basics)
How to use STORM (Basics) [Updated]
How to use SNIPR (Basics) [Updated]
How to use OpenBullet (Basics) [New]
Cracking Spotify Accounts
Cracking WWE Accounts
Cracking Netflix Accounts
Cracking Mail Access Accounts
Cracking Steam Accounts
Cracking uPlay Accounts
Cracking Origin Accounts
Cracking NordVPN Accounts
Cracking Minecraft Accounts
Cracking GTA V (Social Club) Accounts
Cracking Accounts (Cloud)
Cracking Fortnite Accounts
How to Generate Netflix Gift Cards [New]
Keep cracked accounts for life [New]
How to Upgrade your own Spotify account [New]
Cracking Resources (Tools etc.)
Cracking Configs [New and Improved]

Gathering Proxies

Usage of Proxy Scrapers
Tools to grab and check Proxies
Proxy Sources
Websites to buy HQ Proxies

Hashes [New]

What is a Hash?
Different types of hashes
Find the type of a certain hash
Best way to ‘decrypt’ a single hash
How to ‘unhash’ whole combos

Get your (own) combos

SQLi Dumper
Dorks [improved]

What are Dorks and for what we use them
Where to get dorks
How to create dorks using a dork generator
How to handwrite dorks

(Pastebin) Slayer Leecher (not recommended)

Keep yourself safe

Hide your identity
Usage of a VPN + Possible IP Leaks
Special Privacy Browsers
Viruses and Files Handling
File Encryption + File Deletion
Usage of Sandboxie and VMs
Usage of TOR
Account Safety

Making Profit out of cracking

How to sell your accounts
Link Monetization
Avoid getting scammed

Much much much fooking more!

Backup as many as you can & Read online instead of downloading!


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