Coursera is giving 9 selected courses with certificate for free on its birthday.

Coursera is giving 9 selected courses for free on it’s birthday.

Avail any it now from here:

  1. Building Modern Python Applications on AWS
  2. Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity
  3. Music for Wellness
  4. Problem Solving Using Computational Thinking
  5. Introduction to Machine Learning
  6. Financial Planning for Young Adults
  7. Giving Helpful Feedback
  8. Career Decisions : From Insight to Impact
  9. Develop and Deploy Windows Application on Google Cloud Platform.

Note: you can enroll in only one course for free, so choose wisely.


I am confused between 1 and 5 (python application on AWS vs machine learning introduction). I am familiar with python that is used in both of these courses but, I’ve never used AWS and hence, more inclined towards the machine learning course. I would appreciate any input from someone experienced as to which course could/would be more beneficial in a professional capacity.

First read the description of both the courses, make a note for the things you already know and things you want to know, also figure out if you have any alternate resource for one of those course. Enroll in one for certificate and enroll in other to audit the course.
I chose Machine Learning for certificate and enrolled in AWS python to audit.

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Amazing! Thank you for the share @Twinshashank :grinning: