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The Complete Python Network Programming Course for 2021

Master in Advance Python

IP: Netherlands

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Bro, can you tell us. Which vpn are you using do it.

Steps :-

  1. Connect to Netherland using any VPN (for example - Psiphon Pro Android app, modded app easily available, just google it)
  2. Open the link in Incognito mode of browser.
  3. If you have Indian Udemy account it won’t work, better to create new Udemy account by connecting that VPN. (It is only single time process)
  4. Now you can easily enroll in the course.
    (Most of these coupons are available to that day only when it is posted. So better to keep visiting this site every day for new coupons)
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Yes, I did the same later where initially I didn’t understand. now I have all shared free courses.

Is it necessary to use a vpn? it worked for me