[COUPONS] 10 In 1 Coupons V13 | Udemy

Looks like the coupon code expired and there is no active coupon at present.
please read FAQ before asking the above question.


Does Requesting For Coupons Or Updated Coupons Allowed Here?

NO! asking for any coupon of any kind or brand not allowed, and for updating coupons If the existing coupon is expired/sold out, do not ask for updated one to any OP or to any member, as they will update the thread with updated coupon(s) whenever they want.

What If Coupon(s) Get Expired, Should I Ask Via Post/Reply?

NO, not allowed ! Avoid making a useless reply on the threads that says ‘‘expired’’ ‘‘not working’’ ‘‘bla bla bla’’, those coupons are limited base (You’re late, better luck next time), so when the new updated ones is available, they will get attached by members or the OPs will update the thread whenever they want. Avoid asking for updating. If you can’t say thanks enough, then better leave the thread without saying a word. Don’t get flagged by other 1Hackers, by making such replies… :woman_facepalming:

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