[COUPON] Data Structures & Algorithms using C++ | Edyoda

[COUPON] Data Structures & Algorithms using C++ | Edyoda


Basic C++ skills

About Course

So you want to learn and master Data Structure and Algorithm, I have done it. I am a recent graduate who has cracked interviews of top product based companies
Also, I performed very well in university exams.
I know what a university asks and what these top product based companies ask in their interview.
So i have created this course keeping in mind the university syllabus and also to make you ready to get those valuable internships and placements.
Master Data Structure and Algorithms, top you university exam and get those valuable internships and placements
Still have doubt, see the course content.
Note: If you want to learn only theory do NOT enroll in this course. This course is 100% practical
My approach is very simple: discuss the relevant theory and then solve lots of problems .
As if this was not enough, I have shared tips and tricks on how to become good in competitive programming
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Link to Course: https://www.edyoda.com/course/1509

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