Coronavirus Latest Update | Janta Curfew | Explained in Hindi Voice

1:25 Exact Symptoms of Virus
3:20 Chances of Death
4:50 Germany & South Korea Success
6:29 How does Virus spread?
8:02 Social Distancing
11:05 Janta Curfew
13:07 Can Summer heat stop the virus?
13:23 Economic Impact

Coronavirus has now been declared a pandemic by World Health Organization. The disease of COVID 19 has spread to more than 100 countries in the world with Italy and Iran being the new epicenters of the virus. In this video, I will update you with the latest information on what we know about Coronavirus till now. How are it’s symptoms different from common cold and flu? How deadly is it after analyzing the Chinese cases? How are governments all across the world preparing for it? Is Janta Curfew needed to stop the Coronavirus in India? I will answer all these questions and more in this video and teach you about flattening the curve and precautions you can take.


Please take this down! Dhruv Rathee is obviously not our go to person for such issues. He ain’t no expert. You can see him even talking about US Elections sitting here in India :neutral_face: :expressionless:
Total waste !

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Yes take down his video , he and many people like him are making videos on youtube to make a good amount of money and people are following him like nuts , is he some kind of expert of corona or economy or anything ? What’s his credibility ?

@pankaj260 and @kornbolt chup ho jao chutiyo modi bhakt, he talk with facts.

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Wow just encountered a chamcha. Abuse all you want because i can’t go that low. And yes I am a proud bhakt . Do the bloody hell you can do.


People abuse when they don’t have any rational opinion :joy: Call me a Bhakt, Sanghi or whatever. Any person with logical/sound mind can easily figure out how biased Dhruv Rathee is(filled with full of shit). And we were talking about a pandemic… Modi kaha se aaya ? Thode din baad Dhruv Rathee antidote bhi nikalega, right? Kyun? Kyunki usko sab aata hai :rofl: :rofl:
PM me with your so called facts. Lets not make it a public spat.

tell me wrong thing in his video with evidence.

i guess instead of follow him. just follow WHO CHANNEL .