Copy from google drive index server to google drive

Hello Onehackers
Few days back i get a Google drive-index link containers lots of movies, animes, learning stuff and so on. And that was useful to me. So is there any way to transfer those files to a team drive or personal drive? If you know any way just feel free to share and let community increased.
Happy learning :wink:

Is there no download option?
If not then there is probably a Make a copy option that create a copy of almost any file on another drive on the web in your drive.
Essentially copy and paste in drives.
If not you can always create shortcuts to those files in the same way you tried Make a copy.
Hope it works.

Sorry for bad english.

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Can you share the link of the Index website? I can tell you more on how to download/copy them once I take a look. PM me

Maybe you are taking about a share folder or file. But it’s not, i’m talking about this kind of things
There is no copy option but download is there, but the file and entire index size is huge that it’s so hard to download and upload it back to my drive.

Can you share the link of the Index website?

Yes I would like the link as well. Might find a way faster.

One of the Main Reason to Deploy a Google Drive Index it to Hide its association with Google
Hence Unless and until you have the direct link to the Google Drive itself you cannot use the MAKE A COPY feature or other Google drive features.
Your Best Bet will be to Download all the files and upload them, Or you can always try to contact the owner of that index and request a direct Gdrive Link