Copy 700gb files from mega to onedrive

Hi guys.
my subscription on mega ends at the end of the month and i looking for a way to copy all the files i have there to onedrive.
unfortunately, i can’t download them all.
i’ve tried multclone but it consumes my bandwidth and it may take too much time to copy them all.
if you have any idea on how to copy them, it would really help.
thanks again!



If it helps


have sent you a DM and yeah I guess follow my rclone guide

[COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE]Move files/folders from one cloud to another|RCLONE|COLAB


I also need to transfer my data from mega to onedrive
Can you pls send me the colab link ?

read the guide and make one from scratch, you might need to download rclone to your system for the non auto auth part but that will be the only challenge you run into

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My idea is user-friendly and free, but very tedious.
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You will have to transfer 30 GB at a time, so make 24 accounts (700 / 30 = 24), one after the other.
It will not take up your bandwidth, Multcloud takes care of the cloud transfer.

DriveHub, mentioned above is also another option, but limited to 1 hour per day @ 50Mbit/s.
Maybe try a test transfer to see how much data DriveHub can transfer in 1 hour.

I hope this helps.


thank you @dave_w

Welcome bro

@Stiggs_Lucky & @Smoke
Here’s a working giveaway from MultCloud, free 200 GB per month, just tested yesterday June 17

Transfer 200 GB at a time, so make 4 accounts (700 / 200 = 4), one after the other.
Here’s a time estimate from reddit: “FYI : it took 12Hours for me to Transfer 600GB files from MEGA to GoogleDrive”