Computer & Information Security | Complete Tutorial

The Computer and Information Security Handbook is an essential reference guide for professionals in all realms of computer security. Researchers in academia, industry, and government as well as students of security will find the Handbook helpful in expediting security research efforts. The Handbook should become a part of every corporate, government, and university library around the world.

Dozens of experts from virtually every industry have contributed to this book. The contributors are the leading experts in computer security, privacy protection and management, and information assurance. They are individuals who will help others in their communities to address the immediate as well as long term challenges faced in their respective computer security realms. These important contributions make the Handbook stand out among all other security reference guides. I know and have worked with many of the contributors and can testify to their experience, accomplishments, and dedication to their fields of work.

John Vacca, the lead security consultant and managing editor of the Handbook , has worked diligently to see that this book is as comprehensive as possible. His knowledge, experience, and dedication have combined to create a book of more than 1400 pages covering every important aspect of computer security and the assurance of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

The depth of knowledge brought to the project by all the contributors assures that this comprehensive handbook will serve as a professional reference and provide a complete and concise view of computer security and privacy. The Handbook provides in-depth coverage of computer security theory, technology, and practice as it relates to established technologies as well as recent advancements in technology. Above all, the Handbook explores practical solutions to a wide range of security issues.

Another important characteristic of the Handbook is that it is a vendor-edited volume with chapters written by leading experts in industry and academia who do not support any specific vendor’s products or services. Although there are many excellent computer security product and service companies, these companies often focus on promoting their offerings as one-and-only, best-on-themarket solutions. Such bias can lead to narrow decision making and product selection and thus was excluded from the Handbook.

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