Computer Games that you played ,wish to play again that triggers nostalgia and explains why

let share your Computer Games name that you played ,wish to play again that triggers nostalgia and explains why

  1. Most Wanted (Black Edition) (ended it over 70 times.)
  2. Carbon (ended it over 50 times.)
  3. Need For Speed (played twice)
  4. Candy Crush + Saga (still playing over 1000 stages)

I love racing games & candies, I hate fighting so no fighting games. why I play racing games? because it’s the cheapest free method to go for a long drive (alone) :crazy_face:

WARNING: Don’t say PUBG, if anyone mentions pubg, I’m gonna :mask: mute that member! :rofl:


I started playing with Mortal Combat(It was very old I don’t remember which version it was probably 1)
then Spiderman, IGI (one of the best).
Best series I played is Max Payne. Completed M.P 1 in class 3, Completed M.P 2 in class 6 and Completed M.P 3 in class 10. M.P 3 is my all time fav.

Honorable mentions:

  • Assassin's Creed Series(Mostly)
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist
  • GTA Vice City, San Andreas, V
  • Watch Dogs 1,2

Well, there are many, I don't remember all.


Nier Automata. Mostly for that Endings. there are about 21 endings and i have completed only 6.

Rally 200 i used to play it with my brothers
Candy crush soda i was plying on phone until there was now more stages ( i am on 2291 )

man it all started with Dave

  • RoadRash (remeber the kick dance lol and walking on lawn in the middle of race)
  • Max Payne
  • GTA
  • DMC
    my list can go on lol, speaking of games do you guys remember plugged in video games ?
    i used to play adventure island and ninja turtles alot :smiley:

Dota1 - warcraft 3
Counter strike HL
Generals zero hour
tactical ops
World of Warcraft
League of legends
gta3 -4-vice city
IGI 1 -2
mortal combat 4 -hercules
down of magic
diablo 2 -3
age of ampire
empire earth
age of mythologie
serious sam

thats what i remember for now and im sure there are alot

First of all Great topic.
I got my pc a Lil late, anyway
I started with two games-

  1. NFS (Don’t remember the version)
  2. GTA vice city (Didn’t play much)

Then I made some friends who got their PCs some years before me, so they helped me out.
Now, the game I played the most (probably all day) is…

GTA San Andreas

God I loved this game, I used to play it all the time, then eventually 2-3 of my friends who didn’t get to use their pc for that much time, They started coming to my house and we would alternatively complete missions. Sooooooo many great times…
I completed it many times, I don’t even remember. And most importantly we knew all the cheat codes for this game, like almost every single one with spelling :star_struck:

Some more games that we Played together -

  1. Max Payne (Completed 2 times)
  2. Moto GP (Played too many times)
  3. and many more racing games but I can’t remember names, like some game in which we get a police car… and in one we can choose from many cars and only one car (Greenish color) has a big booster in the back center.

Honourable mentions

  1. Road Rash
  2. Counter strike
  3. Assasin’s creed
  4. and many more old shooting games I can’t remember the names of.

Games that I played and completed later-on (Alone)

  1. Prototype
  2. Prototype 2
  3. GTA SanAndreas :heart_eyes:
  4. NFS (Latest version 4-5 years ago MAYBE)

That’s about it, thanks for helping me remember those GOLDEN days, Just wandering around in GTA S.A. roads and mountains :laughing:
Too much fun. :crazy_face:

EDIT: I remembered some more games i played too much (After reading other comments)

  1. Prince of Persia (Played many times but never completed)
  2. Left for dead 2 (My friend did most of this game’s missions)
  3. Age of Empire 1 and 2 (One of my favs.)
  4. Hitman (Played sometimes)

my most favorite games which ihave played the most are

need for speed most wanted black edition 2005(completed like 60 70 times lol)
resident evil 4 this one two completed like 60 70 times with the extra game modes)
gta san andreas( this one was like always installed on my pc ised to play all the time)
prince of perisa the two thrones (my favorite one in prince of persia series)
prince of persia the warrior within

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dos games:
hugo’s house of horror
wings of fury
leisure suite larry
seymour butts interactive
tetris (gameboy) (first 1v1 portable game with my friend after class)

i’m a little old school. i played almost all games the other members have posted. but these games made me reminisce exploring my adolescent years. how simple life is back then. enjoying simple pleasures like a pixelized jpeg of erika eleniak.

funny no mention of fallout series? you must hate todd’s sweet little lies… hehe

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