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don’t understand what to do to get started

Me too, I don’t have crypto and I do not how to start

Can you give us a little more info on how to actually start this. For example how to get crypto money to deposit, how to open an account, etc. When you mention lending what is that exactly? You’re lending money to whom, etc. Please elaborate more.


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awesome share and to answer the two questions below its self explantory you go create a account on binance or kucoin purchase crypto and loan it out and receive profit from loaning it out that’s all there is to it the more you loan the more you make…

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how much to get started?

To sum up for all you guys, this method is just lending money to the Crypto Exchange. Some of them offer investment features such as lending and investing

Let’s see the reality!

For Example: P2P Lending

What to do to start this:

  1. You need money
  2. Covert into crypto such as USDT, BTC, bla bla bla
  3. Lend your money with appropriate APR term
  4. That’s it!

7 days of lending $1000 with APR 0.068/day
Profit = $4.76
Profit/day = $0.68

7 days of lending $100000 with APR 0.068/day
Profit = $476
Profit/day = $68

For Example: Investment

Suppose that the user invests 10 USDT, the validity period of the product is 7 days, and the fixed annualized rate of return at the time of subscription is 5%, then the investment income due for the user by the maturity date will be

Investment Income = 10 × 5 % × 7 ÷ 365 ≈ 0.0095 USDT, the income that the user actually obtains will be 0.0095 USDT.

What if we put $1000 for 90 days with 14.8% APR
Investment Income = 1000 × 14.8% × 90 ÷ 365 ≈ 36.49 USDT, the income that the user actually obtains will be 0.0095 USDT.
Investment Income per day = 0.405 USDT

Here is another investment interests

So, what do you think?

Yeah, it is not bad if you have money that stay still in your pocket.

To get appropriate profit that you can live off day by day, you will need to have a lot of money and let it work for you. So, minimum you need to start, in my view, $100000

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