Command Line Remote Access Tool (RAT) Targeting Windows Systems

The tools of choice in these incidents are Remote Access Tools ( RATs ), a type of software … unbeknownst to the targeted victim, it is called a Trojan horse or a Remote Administration … client component is the command -and-control (C2) for the malicious actor. … The Windows operating system (OS) provides this service.

Command line Remote Access tool targeting Windows Systems.

Download Maxmind GeoIP2 Database from here ; LINK
Extract the file under blackvision/

How to use

Install required modules

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run server

git clone
cd blackvision

Generate Agent

cd blackvision

Change Host/Port

Open settings.ini. And change host, port.

Command Purpose
transfer Transfer a NON Binary file.
bsendfile Transfer a Binary File.
kill Kill the connection
info View Information of client.
msgbox Send Messageboxes.
exec Execute a Command on the remote Machine(s).
exec-file Execute a file on the remote Machine(s).
wanip View WAN IP of Remote Machine(s).
hostname View Hostname of Remote Machine(s).
username View Username of Remote Machine(s).
monitoroff Turn of monitor of Remote Machine(s).
monitoron Turn monitor back on.
cdopen Eject CDROM of Remote Machine(s).
cdclose Close CDROM of Remote Machine(s).
playaudio Play Audio stream on Remote Machine(s).
send Send commands to 1 client. (NO broadcast)
keydump DUMP Keystroke buffer (Not added yet)
Termux Compatibilty

This app is compatible with Termux. Run it the same way you run it in Terminal.


  • Rewrite Agent in C.
  • Fix sending file to single client. (Fixed)
  • Fix multiple clients information saving. (Fixed)
  • Add keylogging.
  • Fix that args[3] does not get sent. (Fixed)
  • Fix Broken connection problems.

Video Example


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