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100 Full Cold Email Conversations that Led to a Booked Meeting

This is a collection of the full back-and-forth conversations between cold prospects we emailed. You’ll see:

The initial emails

Our follow ups

Their responses

How we got them to book calls

The absolute entire conversions between 100 cold prospects (with many more to come)

The best way to succeed is to see what’s working now

That’s why this product is constantly updated with new conversations as they roll through our agency.

How much more money would you make if you could copy the exact email templates from a lead gen agency that gets 15-20% meeting book rates?

Realistically, this product should’ve been priced at $700.

Think $195 is a lot of money?

Well here’s what costs more:

Scraping 500 leads (at least $100), writing 500 first lines (at least $400), and then sending all of those emails to get 1%-5% meeting book rate.

What if you increased that to 15%?

That’s at least triple your results.

On top of that, you can see what kind of offers sell

The biggest hiccup most people have is not knowing what to sell.

They know how to send cold emails and get responses. But they can never nail down a solid offer - and just have no sense of what’s working right now.

The contents of this product are categorized like this:

The offer

The target audience

Examples of each combination

Now you can see what actually works. From the messaging, to the targeting, and from the offer.

So here’s the gist…

Exchange a measly $215 to get lifetime access to a vault of phenomenally crafted (and incredibly simple, yet powerful) cold emails (and the follow ups!!)…

And then send me an email about how well your agency is doing.

Tweet at me, and I’ll throw you a retweet.

Then watch as this product keeps getting better and better and better - and the price keeps rising and rising and rising (knowing you got it at the hilariously low price of $215)

I’ll see you on the inside, my friend.

Let me know how it goes!


This product is 4 videos and 100 screenshots of conversations with cold prospects. It is not a course, it’s a resource for people who are already sending cold emails and want ideas for scripts and replies to send prospects. This is sensitive data. You are quite literally stealing our data, and therefore there are no refunds for this product as we can’t take it back from you.

Download & Backup

Happy learning!

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thanks for the resources mat, it will help many in email marketing field

Thanks for sharing this amazing content pal.
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