Will Teach 'Cybersecurity Hygiene' to Millions of Students

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes:

Mr. President," founder Hadi Partovi told President Joe Biden and tech CEOs from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, and IBM at Wednesday’s Presidential Summit on Cybersecurity, “America’s cybersecurity problem is an education problem. I loved [Microsoft CEO] Satya Nadella’s wonderful analogy to the car industry, and like Satya said, we need standards for seatbelts in every car for sure. But if none of the drivers took a course in basic safety skills, our roads could never, ever be safe. That’s the current state of affairs on the roads of the internet. Without proper education, we can’t address our nation’s weakest link. If you look around, every CEO is nodding their head because they know we need a plan to educate every American on basic cyber security hygiene, and also a plan to staff up our cyber defense workforce. This needs to start early, in K-12, and reach everybody.”

A newly-released White House Fact Sheet announcing “Ambitious Initiatives to Bolster the Nation’s Cybersecurity” notes that announced it will teach cybersecurity concepts to over 3 million students across 35,000 classrooms over 3 years, to teach a diverse population of students how to stay safe online, and to build interest in cybersecurity as a potential career.”

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