Cloudflare's 23-Minute Outage Today Also Took Down Major Web Sites

“Many major websites and services were unreachable for a period Friday afternoon due to issues at Cloudflare’s DNS service,” reports TechCrunch:

The outage seems to have started at about 2:15 Pacific time and lasted for about 25 minutes before connections began to be restored. Google DNS may also have been affected.

Cloudflare at 2:46 says “the issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.” CEO Matthew Prince explains that it all came down to a bad router in Atlanta… The company also issued a statement via email emphasizing that this was not an attack on the system…

Discord, Feedly, Politico, Shopify and League of Legends were all affected, giving an idea of the breadth of the issue. Not only were websites down but also some status pages meant to provide warnings and track outages. In at least one case, even the status page for the status page was down.
Other sites that went down briefly include Discord, Patreon, Deliveroo, GitLab, Zendesk, and Medium, according to the Verge. And was also down, reports PC Magazine, as well as their own site,, “and even, a real-time outage monitoring website.”

They note that Cloudflare serves 26 million sites, and Cloudflare’s CEO acknowledged tonight that the outage affected about 50% of their private backbone.