Cloud or CCIE Secuirty

Hello Guys,

I am at age of 26 years, i am having 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing. But I want change my career into Networking. I have learned CCNA concepts but i m confused between CCIE and Cloud. Need suggestions guys which will be the best in future.

Please guys awaiting for your valuble suggestions. Thank you

Hey prabhu_das1,

My suggestion is first to go to CCNP then think about CCIE. CCNP is next logical choice and belive me you are far from CCIE if you just learned concepts of CCNA. For example whole CCNA course is just one third of what is to be learned in CCNP. Dont even think about CCIE. For CCIE i belive that is a must that you get some solid experience as network manager in some company before moving to such high level.

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Try Cloud Certification… but you need experience first and you will be paid much with experience and certification :slight_smile:

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