[Closed] Canva Bot Pricing


As many of you know I am working on a canva pro 30 days trial account generator bot, I have decided that I will charge 5 USD* for the bot per person.

If anyone wants I will even make a canva Enterprise 30 days trial account generator bot, I have decided that I will charge 15 USD* for the bot per person.

If you are interested leave a reply


1. Fully Automated.
2. Bypasses ReCaptcha
3. Updates regularly


  1. Windows pc
  2. A working Internet connection

Will mention after the bot is done.


Windows only


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By using this provided material the website 1Hack.us or I/we the creator(s)/owner(s) of this post and tool are not responsible for any law infringement caused by the users of this material.

" * prices may change "

Disclaimer: Purchase from this seller, at your own risk, as 1Hack will not be responsible for any future loss on any of your willing trades from any “Want To Sell” (WTS) threads.

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Anyone paying for pirated services is idiot. Orignal developer/ company should gain all the finanical benefits as they are investing time and resources, if you are willing to pay.


this is kinda lame, like you just see a post of canva bin right on this website then use it to create some account and sell right here wow


better delete your post dude your loosing respect here


5 minutes efforts can give your own CANVA PRO account


Who do u think the original developer is.

not account but a bot

Original Developer/ Company who create the Actual Software or Service, I hope you would understand now.

Pirates and Crackers are not Original Developers dude.

Better delete this post

Techtanic >

Just break down the description you’ve added so that they can understand well, for example… By purchasing this script from you, the purchaser will be able to create many accounts using this bot for free, and then they can sell those accounts easily at a very cheap price, so it’s a great deal.


doesn’t matter

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Do u work for Canva or something

I still respect your opinion

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